My art is about values and impact. Every piece is based on little stories.
Little stories on values and what I learn day by day in my private life and experiences at work.
My art is not about me, it is about you and your values:
Art bcomes art, if it makes you think!

Endavour the journey!

'Digital Sculpture' - sculptures fully created utilizing software to sculpt, construct or script the model (digital twin). Materialized as sculpture in the real world, but as well in existing and emerging virtual worlds. While 'digital sculpting' is a term you find in Wikipedia, you hardly find the term 'digital sculpture' - it's not an existing artform. Hence I challenge the digital sculpture meshing up technology, art and human interaction.

Digtial Sculpture? Art meets Technology and Technology meets art - intersecting - interactive and about values. Digitally crafted and brought back to the real world. Find my portfolio following the link below ...


Values? What makes you getting up early morning every day? Your values! Your values really, really matter...

artseries value

My work is about interaction and having a dialogue - I love to hear from you ! Inquiries on my art or feedback follow the link below!

contact form

The Lab - I challenge the limits of art and technology: Art meets technology - technology meets art - variants, mesh-ups. Curios? and want to know more?

the lab

There is always a work being in my focus . Ideas, the latest artwork or revisiting an earlier work - check it out here!


Who am I? Who am I? What am I? Why am I? - want to know more about the artist - here you go!



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