Impact - Sweetspot (Digital Art Sculpture)


values drive behavior - 
behavior cultivates culture -
culture creates engagement.

#ValueMatters - an art-experiment/series about 27 individuals and their values

Curious about values, behaviors and their power I asked 10 months ago my friends and network to share their values with me: their 8 most and 8 least important ones. 27 open-minded people between the age of 18 and 95 sent me their 16 values. I made 23 tiny houses as 3D prints. Following their directions, I painted 18 of them, decorated 13, and added 5 colorful backgrounds. As I reflected on their values, I wrote some essays about some of my friends and sent them back to inspire them. Finally and to show my appreciation for those who completed the journey I returned their values - a colored sphere with their value printed on it.

The focus on values in my professional work and thinking about the values of others made me change: my mindset and the beliefs, I struggled with. Thinking about all these values and learning from others accelerated to find my own way!

27 People shared their 8 most/least important values - inspiring individual sculptures and additional works representing the social consensus.

The sphere of value represent the essence and the result - the individual and their values

3D Kunst- 3D art - no other art discipline enables such a variety of art medium - in the real and virtual world

a universum

Be part of it? you you can!


27 house in different state and 5 have made it to the final state with a background (40x40cm, Acryl on MDF)

value matters

The value aggregated - the social consensue - additonal work as a take away of the experiment

more results




Value matters


3D printed houses (approx 10x10 cm)

Background: Acryl on MDF (40x40cm)




Sculpture 14x14x5 cm


5 (signed/numbered)

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Artseries Overview

Centric & Impact

The spheres represent the elements and events of our lives, and the impacts that we have on ourselves, on others, and on the world.


The art series ‘contemplation’ explores the idea of duality and emptiness...create, think, feel, and transform

#Values matter

An artproject endorsing values: About 27 individuals and the their values - values that really matter!

Visit the art project


Smaller and affordable variants of the larger sculpture following the photographic concept about finding the sweetspot...


Rage & Protests

Rage and Protest - sometimes only 'standing up and being bold' resutls in change!


Ulimited editions on some of my favourite sculpture and also singles /