'Silence' Animation as a nft/nifty (by Ivo Meier)

NFT - Silence



Description of the NFT: You will bid on a video 2160x2160 px, 191 keyframes - endless-loop.
The video animation is based on the digitally sculpted real world sculpture 'Silence' respective its digital twin.
Description of the NFT on Rarible.com:
You get a video 2160x2160 px, 8 sec duration - endless-loop. The video is based on the digital twin of the real world art sculpture 'Silence - V II' created in 2021 by the artist. Digital Art Sculptures - challenging the conventional art market.

External Links (Rarible.com)

Find below the link to the different NFT (non-fungible token) on Rarible.com:
Externer Link zu den NFTs (Non-Fungible Token):
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