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Ivo Meier is a digital artist and sculptor who creates stunning and unique sculptures that transcend conventional art. He harnesses the power of 3D printing to create shapes that are both geometric and organic, and that thrive in the real and virtual world. He blends art and technology in an ingenious and original way that captivates and inspires the viewer. He draws from his personal history, his professional experience and his passion for art and technology to explore topics such as human existence, freedom, meaning and transformation. He challenges the viewer to reflect on being human, dealing with emotions, the influence of external and internal forces and the pursuit of values. He produces artworks that are interactive, reflective and socially relevant. He pushes the limits of digital art and unveils new possibilities for artistic expression and communication.

Q: How did you become interested in digital art and 3D printing?

A: I have always been interested in art and technology, and how they can connect and collaborate. During my professional career I had many different functions and role from in technology, projects, leading smaller and big engineering teams and I worked as a manager in digital transformation and new ways of leadership and employee experience. Since ever I also have a passion for photography. Drawing and sculpting the human being, which I started as a way of coping with the loss of my brother when I was young. I realized that art and technology are not contradictory, but complementary. They can both be tools for exploring and shaping the world. I discovered 3D printing as a medium that allows me to combine my skills and interests, and to create something new and innovative.

Q: What are the main themes and inspirations behind your artworks?

A: My artworks are inspired by my personal experiences, my emotions, my values and my questions about life, which root back to the early loss of my older brother 35 years ago. I am interested in the topics of human existence, freedom, purpose and transformation. I want to express what it means to be human, to deal with emotions, to face challenges, to make choices, to find meaning and to grow. I also want to create a dialogue with the viewer, to invite them to reflect on their own experiences, emotions, values and questions. I want to share my perspective, but also to learn from others. I believe that art can be a catalyst for change, both personal and social.

Q: How do you create your sculptures? What is your creative process?

A: I create my sculptures using a combination of digital and physical techniques: I start with a concept, a message or a feeling that I want to convey. Then I sketch some ideas on paper or on the computer, using different software and tools. I experiment with different shapes, depending on the shadows that a sculpture casts. Then I select the best design and print it using a 3D printer. Sometimes I also add some manual finishing touches, such as painting. The final result is a sculpture that exists in both the real and the virtual world, and that can be touched, seen and interacted with or even brought to life in the metaverse.

Q: What are the advantages and challenges of using 3D printing as a medium for art?

A: 3D printing is a medium that offers many advantages for art. It allows me to create shapes that are impossible or very difficult to make with traditional methods. It also gives me more freedom and flexibility to experiment and iterate. It enables me to produce artworks that are customized, personalized and unique.  It also challenges the perception and the value of art, as some people may see it as less artistic or less valuable than handmade art.

Q: When you mention 'challenging the art market' - why do you use the blockchain, crypto-currency and RFID chips?

A:  I use the blockchain, crypto-currency and RFID chips to challenge the art market in several ways. First, sculpture leaving my workshop are registered on the blockchain to create a secure and transparent record of the provenance, ownership and value of my artworks. Secondly I'm using RFID chips embedded in my sculptures, I can link them to a digital certificate and documentation to increase the art collectors experience.

Q: How do you see the future of digital art and 3D printing?

A: I see the future of digital art as very promising and exciting. Often neglected by the traditional art collectors and art galleries, the demographics will change the art market. We will see more tech-savvy art collectors that are open to technology and related platforms. These art collectors will ask for more transparency on what they buy and what they pay for.

Q: As a final questions and summary, why should an art collector acquire one of your artworks?

An art collector considers to acquire one of my artworks if they appreciate the combination of art and the exploration of human existence and transformation. My artworks are not just objects, but experiences, messages and values. They invite the viewer to self-reflect and values the dialogue. They are not just for the present, but for the future. They become art, if it makes the viewer think.

I love to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments on this artwork or my work, follow this link <here>.

f you have any questions or comments on this artwork or my work, or want to share your feedback, please follow this link to the contact form I love to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments on this artwork or my work, or want to share your feedback, please follow this link to the contact form <link>.<link>.

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